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I've got some code, that needs to execute before the file saves, or I just need to rename the file.

However, I need to know if it is possible to select the scanner with the dialog, and then cherry pick the options (that I apply within code) to scan.

Basically my walkthrough is as follows:
Enter DRAIN ID (text)
Enter PhysicalWidth (drop down)
Enter PhysicalHeight (drop down)
Enter Resolution (set standard to 150 dpi)
Enter DocumentUTI (set to pdf)


Select scanner details (drop downs)

Hit AI Discernment

  • Scans document
  • PDF kit to JPEG Page
  • Machine learning: determine document type
  • Apply document type which should auto fill the remainder of options as mentioned above.
  • Save image

I'm assuming that you may have resolved this since Jan 19, but here goes.

I noticed that you mentioned MBS's PDFKit, which also is able to select, load and set print settings. I work for a company that scans probably a thousand documents per day. One solution we used was to create a print_settings field on our Users table in order to store the settings that each user might need, and then we just load those specific settings each time that user prints something. I'd assume you might be able to use something like that to select your scanner. That being said, you'd need to do some experimenting to see if it actually works and can initiate a scan.

Here are some resources to look into

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Do you like to pick scanner on macOS or Windows?


  • ImageCapture: Scan images from flatbet scanners on Mac.
  • WIA: Scan images from flatbet scanners on Windows.
  • Twain: Functions to acquire images from scanners.
  • ContinuityCamera: Scan documents on iOS and get the image into Claris FileMaker for MacOS
  • DocumentCameraScan: Scan documents on iOS directly into Claris FileMaker with the camera

See also the video here:

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