Server Site Execution via PSoS (Perform Script on Server)

Maybe I missed it somewhere in the docu or under the hood webinars?
How does PSoS work? Does it start for each call its own thread as a 'pseudo-client' on the Server or is that 'pseudo-client' behaving as a single-threaded instance in charge of all PSoS calls?

The new feature to be introduced in FMS19.5 where PSoS can be called from within Server scripts itself looks promising for full multi-threaded support (?).

If a script runs already on the server, the PSoS option with the new checkbox can be used to start a new parallel script on a different thread.

So you can launch a script without waiting for the result.
e.g. to write some log message, while the current script continues.

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thanks, so any PSoS call uses its own thread?
Somewhere someone somehow explained that FMS might get backed up / constipated and a monitoring system should be implemented instead? Very curious about 19.5 new implemenation!

Every script should have it's own thread, so scripts can run in parallel.

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Just tested it, a new thread cannot be started from a script running on server. That feature was not released

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that would have been the killer feature - hope it appears in next rev!

Just a note that, based on this blog post, it appears as though the Server-Side PSOS feature is available, but it is not enabled by default. According to the blog post, it has to be enabled via the ReleaseDebugOn file.

I have not tried this feature myself, nor have I confirmed that it can be enabled, but even so, I have no reason to believe that the post mentioned above would not be accurate.

I'll be interested to hear what any Soup members have to say about this one.


thanks Steve, any idea where to find first hand official info (Claris documentation)?

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Hi @FileKraft . I don't think that I have seen anything directly from Claris which documents the feature. I was actually surprised to see that it was available even in its current hidden fashion. If I do see anything, I will make a point to post a link here. I am actually kind of behind on reading up on this release, so I wouldn't be surprised if someone else spots anything sooner, but I will keep an eye out for it.

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