Sliding objects in headers, title headers, footers, and title footers

My favourite support page, having torn what little hair I have left out:

"Headers, Title Headers, Footers and Title Footers are not designed to slide up and therefore will not collapse when "Also reduce the size of the enclosing part" is checked in the Slide Objects dialog. There is no workaround."


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In short: you’re busted :boom:

I find leading and trailing grand summaries is my work around for that.

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… and Navigation Part ignores Zoom Level and always stays 100%!
As I once demanded, Claris, whenever you invent a new function:
Take a break, look around and ask yourself what other benefit could you gain with this new function.
Options! Give choices!
Read the thread about the changes with Mouse Scroll Wheel on PC to flip thru records.

Yup, busted as heck.

Trouble is bits of it do work, so you start trying to work out which bits are stopping it working the way you want.

Ironic, layouts date back to the ark and we still can’t do a decent print layout.

Onwards and upwards. LOL

That’s the trouble, we’re always using workarounds that eat time. I needed a title header, header and title footer for this layout, but cannot use all the space available for the printed/PDF output as I end up with an inch gap between the line items and their column headers.

I’d gratefully swap much of the product roadmap to get a decent layout that the product of is going to end up in my client’s customers’ hands.


I think, that was invented solely for Go/iOS because you can get the behaviour the user knows from native apps of the platform…

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for PDF output I started using MBS/dynaPDF and this combo gets more things right than does FM, what give me headaches is printing, we are stuck with short comings from last century


Technically, the most versatile print processor is Tex. Transformation of print data to Tex remains an art…