SMTP with OAuth for Office 365 in FileMaker

For years we had the XOAuth2Bearer option in our CURL functions for our plugins. Any customer asking for how to use oAuth with Microsoft or Gmail got pointed to this property. Register an application with Microsoft or Google to get your client ID & secret. Then show a login screen in a browser for the user to login and grab the token. There are plenty of frameworks available and implementations in various programming languages. Once you got the access token, you can pass it to the CURL XOAuth2Bearer option. Since this is some work, we today like to show you sample scripts in FileMaker to do this:

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SMTP with OAuth for Office 365 in FileMaker


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@MonkeybreadSoftware - I have a Microsoft exchange account which uses the Duo authenticator. So when I login to office365 I get the Duo authentication prompt.

Also, if I set up my email account using on macOSl, I also get the the Duo authentication, and it works.

I'd like to use SMTP from FileMaker with this account, but I've asked the IT department, and they do not support registering additional applications.

Question: is it possible to use the XOAuth2Bearer option from MBS plugins without registering an additional application? In other words, I guess I'm asking whether Filemaker/MBS / Curl can impersonate my and get the same login flow (which eventually opens a webviewer and triggers Duo authentication).

(Note: the IT department says they have no problem policy-wise with me doing this if I can get it to work, but they aren't willing to support registration of additional apps on O365).

Sorry, that may be difficult for me to decide.
Basically the plugin only needs the token. You may just steal it from Mail, if you can find it in some logs or in the keychain.