SMTP Server for FMS suggestions

GMAIL was an easy option to be used for FMS until recently. Can anyone recommend an SMTP server compatible to the FMS admin console setup?


You could use Office 365. They still offer SMTP (and I was assured by MS that SMTP is not going away ANY time soon or even being discussed for deprecation). I use 365 for programmatic email, and also use 365 OAUTH2 for the email client (same email account). Works great.
I've also gotten the MS remote auth to work with FMS.
I use other email services for programmatic email, but not sure if those would be what you want with the FMS admin set up.
Does this help?

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Thanks Oliver. Does this require an Office 365 supscription?

(in the past used SendGrid low milage account successfully before they got bought by GoDaddy ..)

Before I answer, I must say I'm not a fan of MS. However, after checking into all they give you for a business, yes, subscription, it seemed like a pretty good deal. Since my clients invariable use MS products and services, it seemed like I was overdue to have a way to support them in those areas.

You could also rent your own Linux hosting server for $700/year or thereabouts. These servers use SMTP for email also and you would have total control (and be able to host websites if you wanted) over email. I do this also.

I use, which offers an e-mail service including SMTP. (You don’t need to use them to register your domain name.)


thanks Steve and you can assure it works with FMS19?
(got burned with other providers who suddenly switched to tokens and 2FA ..)

Contrary to all the hype about MS forcing people to OAUTH2, it's simply not true and not happening. These SMTP choices are really a non issue given many alternatives though I never consider FMS when making those choices.

thanks Oliver. I might not see the answer to my question - forgive me - so where can I purchase a domain name where SMTP is offered working in the Admin Console Setup. That's not clear to me..
(My United Domain SMTP service just stopped as well and requires even a Profile to be installed which of course is not supported in FMS ...)

Edit: Office 365 subscription would be overachieving this goal ..

@FileKraft , Microsoft 365 - the new name for Office 365 - Family Edition does not include Exchange. But the Business Edition does. See Compare All Microsoft 365 Plans | Microsoft Scroll to the bottom to select your country. They have many plans and even the cheapest one includes Exchange.

All the configuration for your services is done through the Web.

I use the business edition like this:

  1. From a program: SMTP
  2. From an email client (Thunderbird, etc.): OAUTH2

Once you configure the email account with 365 (this part is done on the website) you can send email programmatically and, if you have 2FA enabled, easily set up an "app password" and use that as the password for the SMTP send.

Once you setup the email account, you never need to go to the website again to send email -- unless you want to use Outlook online. I never use Outlook, ever, ever, ever...but that's just me.

As I also suggested, just getting a Linux server and hosting your domains there is an excellent, and often much less expensive, way to go. SMTP email? No problem.

I have FMS19; however, the email script is manually triggered by a button on my POS layout.

Thanks everyone. So which one works in FMS admin console?

I am looking for a valid SMTP working here:

As of today, gmail still works with password.
But you need to have 2FA enabled and make an app specific password.

Of course you can switch to OAuth and write the code to get the token.
MBS Plugin can send emails with OAuth bearer token. But oAuth requires you renew the token regularly every few months.

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thanks Christian, how can I make an app specific password for the admin console email via SMTP notification?

You got an error but that doesn't mean it will not work. Is port 465 open on the computer where FMS is installed ? The SMTP server name ends in ` which is not supported. You didn't set a reply-to-address. If you look in FMS logs, do you get a meaningful error, since "test failed" is not telling a lot.

Make sure the settings in FMS are identical to those of your ISP.

I feel I miss something here but can't find it.

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Another client just confirmed, that they can send with an app-specific password via gmail.
So please try.

But as said, you create an app-specific password and not your regular gmail login password!

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That FMS email setup should work fine with MS 365 using SMTP.

I use SMTP like this with 365 --- all the time!

MS 365 does NOT require OAUTH2 for sending programmatic emails (but will use it with an email client).

If you want to use 2FA and an app password, that is no problem. Just create the app password in 365's security section and use that instead of your email password.

Very straightforward.

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Not for everyone:
using your own postfix-smtp-server works perfect, if you can set it up correctly.

You'll have to create an SPF-record in the DNS-setting for your (from)domain and you need access to the internet from your postfix-smtp-server on port 25. AND you have to make sure the security of postfix is up to par! You don't want a spammer to get access and misuse/abuse you gateway :slight_smile:

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If you don't want to manage your own server, I have been using for several years. With prices from $36 per year for 1,000 messages each month, it's pretty good value for money. It also has very good deliverability and supports DKIM Signing