Switching Printers with Dialog “Off”

PROBLEM: Cannot switch printers with dialog “off.”

I’m using FMS19, FMP19, and Win 10. I have three printers installed — Receipt Printer, Laser Jet, and Label Printer. Win 10 manages them all without error. FileMaker, however, has an inherent, decades-long problem with selecting printers.

I have a series of scripts that select the correct page setup and printer based on the print job. Everything works well except the Print Setup for the label printer. When I try to print a label, FileMaker sends the job to the most recently used printer, which typically is the receipt printer.

The “print setup” script step notes state, “With dialog specifies whether to display the Print Setup dialog box when the script step is performed. If you set With dialog to Off, the output from this script step is sent to the last specified printer and not the printer specified in this script step.” (Can’t imagine why Claris would deliberately design this behavior.)

Options? I’d like to script a solution and avoid a plug-in. From reading other posts, however, a plug-in may be my best answer. If so, which plug-in is recommended?