Zebra Label Printer Issues

I’m running FMS19 (AWS) and FMP19 (Win 10). My Win 10 machine developed some intermittent overheating issues so I replaced it with another Win 10 machine.

Immediately, my Zebra 410 label printer stopped working. I can successfully print a test from Windows, so I know the hardware is connected properly. (I made no changes to scripts, etc.)

When I now print from FMP19, I can see the Zebra power light blinking green, which indicates the printer is receiving data; however, nothing prints.

Any suggestions on where to begin troubleshooting?

Common denominator: Windows. :frowning:

Seriously though, hope you get it fixed.

I use a Dymo 450 and have never had a hitch. Way back when, I was told that this was the printer that FMI used internally.

did you try to write a new script in a new local FileMaker file just for testing the printer with a fresh environment/setting - sometimes cached printing settings persist within the file and can only be reset by exchanging the printer related scriptsteps when opened locally

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After further troubleshooting, I believe the issue is with FileMaker’s “print setup” script step. I have the label size set to 1x2, but that setting is being overwritten with dimensions larger than the actual label, causing the printer not to print.

SOLVED: Inexplicably, the print setup script step was changed to a label size far larger than the actual label. After I updated the script everything returned to normal.

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I've got a vague memory that some of the printer setup details get stored in the Windows Registry. That could be the reason for the print setup script step changing without user input.

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