The ‘Relationships’ dialog - quo vadis?

The relationships dialog is a centrepiece of FileMaker and developer work.
It did not get any improvement in over 10 years.
@MonkeybreadSoftware added some cool and very helpful features through the MBS plug-in which help developers to survive.
Many things can only be delivered by Claris.

When working in an anchor-buoy architecture, managing all the graphs becomes quickly unwieldy because there is no way to group graphs or moving them around in a convenient way.
There is no automation for graph formatting. Everything has to be done manually.

There are 51 items relating to the relationships dialog in Claris’ ‘idea’ list. Not a single one has been implemented.

Will the relationships dialog remain? Will it ever get improvements or will it be replaced by something else? Quo vadis?

Really a good question ! I hope they are readying a revolution that will take the developers to a new level.

Just think about the Script Editor that was brought - was it in V 14 ? - it was sensational. The new Layout mode was also a shot in the arm.

Maybe an answer was in latest presentation, last week in North America. I haven't been able to join it.

Here here ! I've always wanted some improvements here given it's so fundamental, and grouping for TOG's is top of that list like you say.

However I fear it may be some time before we see any advances. The "Core" FMP product has not changed in 10+ years (field definitions, sort dialogs, auto-entry options, relationship predicate dialog etc...


That's not true! there has been a great improvements in FileMaker 2023!
It now supports Dark Mode!
I know, nobody cares, there was some sarcasm in this message. :slight_smile:

Apart from that, they completely redesigned it in FileMaker 11 to use macOS native libraries, and on Windows it doesn't "flash" at it used to (items appearing one after the other)


It has also been broken and re-fixed numerous times over the years, I guess they count as improvements.


Hey @weetbicks (and for those who may be interested), I just posted in another thread about something similar (if you disregard that the other discussion is more focused on Claris Studio).

funny that you also elected to use a 10 year period as your reference. My comment was a reply to another member, but the 2 posts are next to each other in the thread, so you should not have to scroll around too much to get the context.

Here is the link: How does Claris Studio complement FileMaker? - #12 by Bobino