To all those working extra hours now

A lot of people in IT are swamped right now, resolving the challenges of enabling work from home for their business or clients.

Please take care of resting sufficiently on top of following WHO s recommendations: think of it as a marathon you want to finish, OK?


I think you're right.

With all the folks working from home, one of my client's VPN has been overloaded, it won't stay connected.


I take it that we need a REST api :thinking: .

That COVID-19 thing is a pain in the world. Hope fmsoup friends and families will not get hurt by that virus.


Thankfully been providing hosted systems for over 9 years and have had cloud enquiries from existing LAN based customers this week for home working, but otherwise as long as the Internet holds up, it won’t change much for us other than helping setup a few more home computers (streamed FileMaker, so no actual FileMaker installs).

Our biggest concern is for our clients, particularly those in the travel business. There are going to be some really well run businesses fail as a result of this, let alone the human cost.

Stay safe everyone and keep washing those hands. This is serious.