Tool for documenting your work

I use a FM database where I enter all Bugs and upcoming Features. It holds several fields like
Module (Invoices, Addresses, …), Task (or Feature), Description , Category (Feature, Bug, Note), Date , Program-Version , Priority and Done . And I also have a separate table for screenshots for each task.

Thus I can sort by different criteria depending from what I want to see. And of course I can find things easily.
In the description field I usually define the problem, the reason and how I solved the problem (sometimes step by step to redo it on my final solution, after I tested it in a copy).

In my scripts I have a comment for the date of the last change.

My Versioning of the file is being made by TimeMachine.

For those who would like to use it, here’s the file.

Dev History.fmp12 (472 KB)


Why did you make my post a separate thread? Isn’t that a little confusing for all the “soup lovers”? I think this way it’s harder to follow the subject, while there are 2 possible places to answer now.

Because you posted a tool. Your post is still in the discussion. Here, it becomes a resource as well. People who will come to browse topics in resources can find it for its own value. The conversation however is about the many methods people use so your contribution there serve a different purpose.

I do this whenever I stumble on people’s offerings to populate the resources section.