Managing scripts

I am using FM 7 and was wondering if there was an easy way to manage scripts to know exactly where each script is being used (which layout, which buton or field). I know we have comments for fields and can "tag" fields in that way which is great....but I haven't seen a way to tag or index or manage scripts. Can someone suggest something? Does FM have a way of doing this in version 7?

What I have been doing is naming them appropriately to give me some indication of location and renaming the script by adding "not used" at the end since I want to keep it on hand just in case it is used somewhere. I would hate to delete it and find out it was being used somewhere I hadn't thought I am not deleting it.

Ideally I would like to see where the scripts are being used - other than naming the script in a way to know. Any tricks? Thanks

If you were using at least FM12 I would suggest FMPerception. But I don't think it can handle .fp7 files.

Therefore the only possibility is to comment your scripts extensively in the future. Of course, that doesn't help you much in hindsight.

Maybe you think about a change to a more current FM version. It makes development so much easier.


I agree. I am testing my last creation in version 7 right now. After this I will upgrade and try to import/open it in the newest version and see what improvements can be made. I am almost there :slight_smile: Its just that I have never really needed more than what 7 has offered. But it is getting there. Thanks!

I am a big fan of not using more than one needs, but I will say this: You have an incredible world of new options awaiting you as you move to a more contemporary version of FMP. I hope it thrills you with wonder, when the time comes...


Good advice!

Absolutely! Here are only a few of my favorite features until FM14:

  • Conditional formatting
  • Script Triggers
  • Charts
  • Quick Find
  • Execute SQL
  • Window styles
  • Design layout tools & Themes
  • Sliders & Popovers
  • Hide conditions
  • Button Bars with calculated Labels
  • Script Workspace
    Click here for the complete List.
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Also, INSERT FROM URL script step, arguably, for me anyway, the script step I use most in FileMaker. It's an awesome way to connect FileMaker to external services and it works great (originated in FMP 12).

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I really enjoy using the URL script too!

the Script Workspace Create, edit and view your scripts all in one streamlined workspace. looks like a great feature :slight_smile: Thanks for the link. In the meantime, does anyone have suggestions or a work around?

This is EXACTLY what I need. FMPerception seems ideal. I knew FM must have something. Even if it doesn't work for my older version, I will use it for my upgrades - thanks!

why don't you use the DDR @Jenyen ?
(you need to create it anyway to feed most tools for analytics)

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I don't think I have access to DDR with my version. I think you need FM Pro Advanced? I am just using FM Developer version 7.

Developer should have it. Advanced was called that

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I realized in v7 there is a feature called Database Design Report in the File Menu and this is where FM lists where all scripts are used plus a whole bunch of other information if you select them. It is a great feature to know about for older users so I thought I would add this vital piece of info to this thread. One HUGE caveat with using DDR - if any button/field is locked or grouped - then the DDR may not show the scripts used by them. SO be sure to unlock items.

Iā€™m sorry. I used abbreviations instead of explaining fully. Database design report (DDR)

Look at if you want a general purpose xml reader