Unable to enable MBS in FMP 19

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but MBS won't enable in FMP 19.

Is this MBS version still compatible or something else?



MBS PlugIn prior to Version 10.0 won‘t work with FM 19 AFAIK

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Please install MBS Plugin in version 10.2 or newer.

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Thanks. Are there any upgrade promotions currently?

Yep, that was the issue.

Christian helped me get current.



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Same issue version 10.3

Please install version 11.3, not 10.3.

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exactly the same issue here. I would really appreciate if there would be an error message!

You could ask Claris to provide errors when checkbox doesn't work.
Anyway, the plugin had to be changed for newer versions of 19 and we will have more changes for next one. Old plugins won't work well.

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