Unusual Development

Alan, our tech junkie, has today carried out all his development on FileMaker 18 on a Samsung Fold!

When was released FMPA for Android ?

Sorry, I didn't mention that we all develop and access streamed FileMaker via Microsoft RemoteApp cloud servers linked to cloud FileMaker Servers, we can work on any platform. :+1:

Alan has taken this to the extreme though. We have Android tablets and Chromebooks here for testing for instance, Chromebooks don't work very well with multiple monitors, but that is down to Microsoft's development of their RDC client, which they've been putting a lot of effort into on all platforms. The new iPad Pros and (expensive) keyboards/trackpads will make a fantastic workhorse using Microsoft Remote Desktop or Jump Desktop for use or development.

Sounds interesting Andy, but to be honest, the thought of actually developing over RDP makes my skin crawl a bit - I've got too much inherent reliance on things like Keyboard Shortcuts, not to mention general latency issues - so hats off to Alan, but I think I'll stick with ye old faithful native application installed on local physical host for the time being!

Surely that has crossed the line, where his masochism gets in the way of his productivity?

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The ‘Fold’ was just an expression of freedom Malcolm. Usually Alan uses a Surface Book, Surface Pro or a Surface Go with external displays.

Val and I are tied to a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iPad Pros. The Windows laptops, Lenovo ChromeBook and (whatever it is) Android tablet are only there for testing, as is Parallels VMs.

Yup, there are keyboard shortcut issues with Microsoft Remote Desktop, but getting less so and Jump Desktop matches the Mac keyboard perfectly.

Thing is, we can develop, support and work anywhere on anything.. Also, we have zero desktop support other than the RDP app. FileMaker upgrades, updates, configuration and plug-ins all carried out centrally from Asia, India, the Middle East, Europe, USA and Trinidad and Tobago.

So much more to say, but will bore everyone if I do. We’re just different, but the biggest benefit we have is productivity, for us and our users.


Hi Andy, I never heard of Jump Desktop before. Usally I use ARA or RDP. Do you know if Jump transports the clipboard of FM-objects via VPN. That feature was taken from ARA some years ago and never reestablished.
Thank you, Holger

I use Jump Desktop and as far as I know it doesn't copy/paste FM objects on the clipboard except for merge text from layouts. This is at least the case when my local computer is Mac and my remote computer is Windows. Maybe there's a setting/add-on I'm missing, though.

Hi Holger

Jump Desktop is the best remote desktop client we've ever used for the Mac and IOS. However, our usage tends to be not for development work, primarily server maintenance. All our servers are protected by only accepting an encrypted connection and Jump has built in SSH Tunnels, making this process really easy (we use Royal TS on Windows for the same reason).

For all development work and for the majority of our Mac users, we tend to use Microsoft Remote Desktop 10, which we've been testing and helping the Microsoft Mac team iron out the bugs when using FileMaker over the last couple of years (they have access to one of our solutions on one of our servers so they can test issues raised). This still has some way to go, but is regularly updated (this morning again) and they have a good roadmap for it. We do have Mac customers in Geneva who prefer using Jump Desktop to Remote Desktop, but this is just a personal preference. Jump Desktop needs to be purchased (Mac App store or jumpdesktop.com), whereas Remote Desktop is free.

Regarding copying, I don't know of anything that will take an object from a Windows based computer and paste it on a Mac, other than text. Certainly there is no problem copying between different sessions of FileMaker within Windows, but otherwise I believe it is text only as it is jumping from one OS to another.

To emphasise, we tend to use Jump Desktop for full RDC sessions, whereas we use Remote Desktop for Workspaces (RemoteApp streaming of FileMaker).

All the best

just tried with test version, it doesn't work, FM clipboard content is destroyed same as with ARA, would have been... OK, defenitly bothering me because I do a lot of remote development and I use Clip Manager to send code snippets to remote systems


Hi Andy,
same here for server maintenance, although I still have RDP 8 on a Sierra system because RDP 10 shouldn't have been released in the first builds you could download. Now with newer macOS versions and two years later it's OK for my needs. Thank you for helping those guys getting the bugs ironed out :slight_smile:

As I wrote in my answer to jwilling I tried copying from Mac to Mac with the trial and it does not work. I'll stay with ARA for that scenario, it feels way faster than jump desktop for my setup (ADSL 100MBit to ADSL 1GB) through VPN-tunnel. I'll just keep it in mind perhaps for connections to a Linux system although there also are remote desktop server apps for debian which interact with the macOS RDP 10 client and the performance is pretty nice at least on the local network

Thanks for sharing

Well, I saw recently that Russel @mrwatson-de defined a hotkey via MBS Plugin to copy lines, change clipboard to text, send it through remote screen software, convert it via hotkey back and paste it in remote FileMaker Pro.

So you can do clipboard things even if the screen sharing software doesn't do the FileMaker data formats.

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Hi Holger

As an aside, we've been trying to support a Windows 10S laptop (we've had a spike in support as companies move their users from office to home working). As this OS will only run apps from the Microsoft Store we've not been able to use any of our standard remote support tools.

However, we did use the Windows built in Quick Assist from a Windows 10 Pro laptop here to the client's 10S laptop. We were very, very impressed how this worked, just open Quick Assist on both PCs, exchange the 6 digit code generated and instant remote screen share and control to provide support.

Kind regards

p.s. - we did eventually convert the Windows 10S to a full Windows Home version, which took about a minute to do, as we couldn't install a printer driver. LOL!

so happy I don't have to do this kind of support :slight_smile:

It's not so bad. We don't install FileMaker on anyone's computer, it is either just a control panel setup in Windows or Remote Desktop on any other device, everything else is the client's responsibility. It is great doing all updates and plug-ins centrally. :+1: :grinning:

Hi @harvest,

it sounds like you need a tool to transport FileMaker code across the ether.

You can download the fmWorkMate toolbox from fmworkmate.com and then use the fmCheckMate tool to convert your FileMaker objects to XML - and back.

On the remote computer you then also have an fmCheckMate tool to convert the XML back to FileMaker objects.

In this way you need just 4 steps to transfer code between local and remote computers:

  1. Copy the code in the local FileMaker
  2. Click fmCheckmate on the local machine
  3. Click fmCheckMate on the remote machine
  4. Paste the Code into the remote FileMaker

...and because things often break, you can use the fmLogAnalyser tool to check what broke when you pasted and use it as a to do list, until you've fixed all breakages.

Alternatively - if you can wait a little - you can use fmAutoMate to copy script steps directly to XML <= Tool coming VERY soon.



Russel, du bist doch der Größte :slight_smile:

This looks great :+1:

Jump Desktop is the BEST.

I have several clients that host their dev environments on VMs accessible via RDP. That's expected workflow in my life.