Upcoming feature for MBS Plugin

Looks like we need a new checkbox for the MBS FileMaker Plugin preferences dialog.

Can you spot what's coming soon?

(for macOS & FM Pro in next plugin version)

Could it have something to do with the checkbox that reads "in debugger"?

no. That one is there for weeks already.

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Still running 10.5

I guess I need to update. I'll stay tuned to see what it is that is around the corner.

Thank you for pushing things further for our benefit!


Custom Function Tools? I am curious what that will be. :sunglasses:


Let me give you another hint:

I'll write a blog post soon for maybe tomorrow.


Very cool, @MonkeybreadSoftware.


Very cool!

Great! Thanks, Christian, for doing Claris' homework. :wink:
I will never understand, how a one-man-show can be so much more productive than a whole Broadway Theater.


Well done! Much needed tool!

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But Claris is in a different situation as they have a lot on their todo list.

And my priorities are much different. Like a little weekend adventure, where I look what I can do to entertain myself with some coding :slight_smile:
(and not code what someone else tells me)


I wrote a blog post about it:

Custom Function Tools for FileMaker Pro

Public release will come. Maybe I find one or two to try it before I push it to everyone else.


Hey Christian,
I’ve read your blog post. Sounds like a quite elegant and clever extension to the cf dialog window! Thanks for your weekend activities! :wink:


New plugin uploaded: MBS FileMaker Plugin, version 11.1pr3


great stuff - bravo!! - Does your plug-in add any functionality to the debugger?
I would love to see next to the executed script step all values referenced. It is quite tedious to always search for the matching fields or vars in the data viewer - at least what's dotted there should be just displayed next to the active debugger line IMHO.



Our search should work in the debugger, too.
Also in data viewer we have search and you can hide global fields or global variables.


Thanks Christian, that's actually not what I was trying to explain.
What would be great is if the debugger would also show the content of the fields or variable it references/loads on the current script step executed.

In other words: if you step through the debugger you can have the data viewer closed and still see the relevant values. The data viewer can slow the debugger down because it shows always all referenced fields and variables touched by the script - where the variables appear how they are used or generated within the running script. The Watch Panel only shows what you move there manually.
So if the debugger independently displays just within the line or next to it what values are involved it would save a lot of time keep the focus on debugging ..

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The plugin has no access to variable values. Technically, I could of course look what's below the cursor, do an evaluate to query value and show it.

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Your debugger wish was implemented.
Tooltips for Script Debugger in FileMaker


Wonderful. Thank you Christian ! Will explore soon...

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