Upgrading Zabbix Server on Amazon EC2

Thanks to the excellent articles by Wim Decorte and a few others, I've had a Zabbix Server running on Ubuntu for almost a year on an EC2 server in AWS. It's been running smoothly and providing some excellent metrics for me to monitor my client's servers.

I'm now looking at needing to do two things: (1) upgrading the server to Ubuntu 20 and (2) increase the storage on that same EC2 server.

I'm assuming that before performing these tasks I should take a snapshot of the server. I'm also thinking I should increase the size of the disk before I do the Ubuntu upgrade.

I'm not sure what to do in the Ubuntu OS after I increase the size of the disk on the VM. Is there anything I need to do?

Also, can I run an OS upgrade for Ubuntu while logged in using SSH? Is there anything special I need to do?

Any suggestions, articles, references, or other guidance would be appreciated.


Michael Frankel

So half of it is done. I probably need to trust myself more. The EC2 instance upgrade was painless since I found an article which showed me how to, successfully, upgrade an EC2 instance with close to zero downtime.

If anyone is interested, the link is Upgrading or Resizing an EC2 Instance

Next I need to figure out how to upgrade the Linux OS on an existing EC2 Server.

Yes, you can run the distro update from an SSH session.

Unfortunately this was an epic failure (and consumed 2 hours of my time). The process completely hosed the Zabbix installation.

Back to Square 1.

Fortunately (Thank God) I had created an AMI of the original EC2 server before I expanded the hard-drive size, so I just repeated the process (new instance using the AMI plus re-allocating the Elastic IP), so I'm back at a point where it's stable and running again.

Backups are a wonderful thing!!

I'll have to try this another day, but for now, I'm not moving forward with a release upgrade on this server. I was, however, able to perform updates on the Ubuntu 18 OS without any issues.

OK - out of curiosity I decided to search for problems people were having upgrading Ubuntu to version 20 on machines where a Zabbix Server was installed. Seems it's not quite ready for prime time.

So... my next project will be to learn how to migrate (backup and restore) a previously-configured Zabbix Server installation from one machine to another. That way I can move it to another machine, perhaps one with CentOS 7 or 8.

Thank you for sharing!