View only access to scripts for user account

I am planning to give a customer read-only access to elements of the solution.
This can be done out of the box for

  • tables (read-only)
  • layouts (read-only)
  • value lists (read-only)

For scripts there is no no read-only option. Can this be achieved by other means?

Would this work?

Thanks @tonywhitelive,
Unfortunately not. The account should not be able to launch a script, only reading it for review.

It needs to be live? A ddr output (+whatever you use to make it human readable) is not suitable for that?

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Agreed, doesn't strike me that this needs to be 'live'. Or just give them a backup copy of the system...

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The customer took the habit of specifying the task and the hours a task can take. He has no knowledge of coding in general or of FM in particular. I gave up on it but cannot give him full access until Iā€™m fully out of that job. Giving to him the DDR is a good idea.
Thanks, @Bobino and @WimDecorte!