Wishes for MBS Plugin?

Summer started and while MBS Plugin 12.3 is almost done, we wonder what wishes people may have for us to work on over summer for a fall or winter release?

Since we cover a lot, it may be an additional functionality added to an existing feature.
Let us know if you have an idea.

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Hey @MonkeybreadSoftware,
In the database management in the tables and fields section you have built in the great search a long time ago. I have a wish: Could you either color all search results at once or even filter them so that only the result set is displayed? That would be clearer and would save the user even more time. That would be awesome!

in a calculation window, a way of indenting selected text would be great.

command + ]
//indent single tab right

command + [
//indent single tab left

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I mentioned a few of these to you in an email @MonkeybreadSoftware but I'll re-list for others as well as a few extra if at all possible.

• Double-click Go to Layout script step to go direct to layout selection
• Option Double+Click GTRR step to go direct to layout selection
• Option Double+Click Replace Field Contents to go direct to calc engine

And some new:

• Option Double+Click set variable step to go direct into calc engine
• Replace variable name everywhere in a script (being able to find & highlight is great, but can they be renamed, I know that might be a stretch)

One of my pain points is opening a script to edit while testing a layout in browse mode. The current and only method is:

  1. Open debugger
  2. Click on button
  3. Step into script
  4. Click the script button in debugger to open script
  5. cancel script
  6. close debugger.

If there is any way to make this process simpler I'd be eternally grateful. Ultimately it's a request I've asked of Claris in the past that always falls on deaf ears. As a developer I would love a way that allowed me to jump direct into a script to edit.

If that can't be done, It is easier in layout mode but still a number of clicks. We already have cmd+double click to get into trigger menu, so maybe option+double click could jump direct into any attached script or single step.

just as an in-between workaround to put into the "debug"-exception at the beginning of your scripts

# sysDebugScriptcall in file appAny (my.server.de)

If [ $$debug = 1 ]

If [ Get( ActiveModifierKeys ) = 4 ]

Set Variable [ $$sLastScriptCall ; Value: List( "File"; Get( FileName ); "Privileges"; Get ( CurrentPrivilegeSetName ); "Account"; Get ( AccountName ); "Script"; Get( ScriptName ); "Parameter"; Get(ScriptParameter)) ]

If [ PatternCount ( Get (InstalledFMPlugins); "MBS" ) = 1 and MBS( "IsRegistered") = 1 ]

Set Variable [ $sClipboard ; Value: MBS( "Clipboard.SetText"; Get( ScriptName ) ) ]

End If

Open Script Workspace

Exit Script [ Text Result: False ]

End If

End If

gives you on pressing the controll-key the script-editor with the scripts name already in your clipboard while aborting the called script and writes some useful info like the script parameter etc. into a global variable

this request is already available. And option-click the gear will save you a click.


WHOA! No way, thanks for turning me on to this.


Hi Christian,

would it be possible to collect all local variables valid at a certain point in a script with its values and make them dumpable into MBS( "Trace.WriteLine" { ; Parameters } ) ?

Thank you

Sorry, no. You have to code that.

Hi Christian, would it be possible instead to collect all information from the data-viewer and/or debug-window and write them as a text-object to some kind of trace-log? You showed us the filter and search-options inside the data-viewer window - so it might be possible to collect the data that is shown in that list.
Best regards, Marcel

Yes, check out MBS( "FM.DataViewerContent" ) function.
But it must be visible to capture it.


Hi, is that possible to auto-complete the key-name when JSONGetElement is used? Something similar to autocomplete function of variable?

How would we know what is in the json at runtime?

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In the Script Workspace script pane, if you comand+click a folder arrow; all folders will collapse or expand — if you could emulate that feature in the Manage Layouts and Specify Script windows, that would be helpful

Well I'll be damned it does work! Thanks @MonkeybreadSoftware ! What version of MBS was this introduced? I keep up with the release notes but I never noted this one, has it always been there ??

Since version 11.2:
Option Click for FileMaker Script Workspace

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We have already a contextual menu command:

You can collapse all, expand all and find duplicates.


Wish: more user friendly way to create json than JSONSetElement. For larger json objects or arrays (and nested json objects) it is PITA to use filemaker’s jsonsetelement. I’m thinking some sort of dialog but also some kind of auto-complete would probably work.

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Well, but what syntax would work?
We could e.g. make a JSON.CreateObjectWithValues taking pairs of Names and values.

MBS( "JSON.CreateObjectWithValues"; "FirstName"; "John"; "Age"; 60; "LastName": "Miller" )

Can you explain? What are the pain points? What is annoying? What would make it better?