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I’ve just received this in an email from LiveCode. I’d love to see what AI would create from the descriptions and briefs we receive from our customers :joy:

“ The no-code platform incorporating Artificial Intelligence, that will make create apps dramatically easier for you.”

For the first time the dream of describing your app and seeing it built before your eyes is coming true.”
(grammar from a person or AI?)

I just entered into ChatGPT “That’s not what I meant” and received this response:

“ I apologize if my response was not what you were expecting. Can you please clarify what you meant so that I can provide a more appropriate response?”

Maybe time to check how our pensions are doing? :thinking:

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I actually had a lot of fun giving it a context and instructions to create an SQL statement (I don't know how to write ExecuteSQL queries) and was able to read the queries and point out errors, or asking it to justify its query statement. I got as many versions as I could stand analysing in 3 hours. They were structured correctly (i had it teach me the grammar so it brought articles for me to read) however the logic in terms of my request and what the query was actually doing wasn't really correct. Sometimes it would litterally "forget" some of the contingencies I had requested at first. Anyway, the two most promising queries I tried in the solution. One did not yield results and the other got it into a loop...

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In tightly controlled environments, like Copilot, it is helpful. Really helpful. It uses the existing code, including variable names to create suggestions.

In other news, here's a medium article about FileMaker and ChatGPT integration.

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