Webdirect: custom font hack?

I’m building a theme for a client and the company brandbook requires a specific font. I’ve been told it is not possible to “pass” a link to a custom font to the browser through webdirect. I bought silka webfonts kit before I realized it was not possible to use it in Webdirect.

Is it possible to have FM trigger a font install (eg: “for better viewing we recommand installing silka font on your machine” - no thanks - yes install silka font) that would be in a container? That could pose a problem however because the user would not have the rights for that install.

Worst comes to worst, I will use Arial or Helvetica but I dislike being limited to one font!

Hi Cecile,

found that FileMaker Community (English) and FileMaker Community (English)

In both threads it is said to use Web Safe fonts. I know, nut much help. Google has a catalog of Web fonts, maybe you may find the one you are looking for there. Can your customer make it with Web limitations ? Is the font they insist on available for the Web ?

You don’t get fine-grained control of the interface. If that is necessary then you have to build the web pages yourself and communicate with FMS using ODBC/CWP/XML or Data API.

The font is available for the web. I could also put it on google fonts api. I never developed for Webdirect so I don’t really understand what it is. I am just commissioned to do a theme. Not the development.
The company will accept arial or helvetica as an alternative for emails and ppt presentations so I can fall back on those.

This Webdirect limitation impacts companies integrated branding abilities…

If you install the font on your computer, are you able to use it to create styles in FileMaker ? I so, it would be a matter of testing a Layout on WebDirect.

WebDirect creates HTML code on the fly to render Layouts in a Browser. It is as simple as that - for the developper - but Web is a different animal compared to FMPA.

I installed the desktop version of the font on my desktop and am able to see it in my desktop. However I have no control over what is on my client’s clients’ clients (pun intended).

A CSS hack discussed

And it seems possible to do it with Webdirect on Cloud. (But we’re not on cloud)

Just guessing: if that font is part of the the customer’s corp ID, could it already be installed on all client machines ?

Yes but this specific app will not be use by internal users but the client’s own customers. It’s a self-serv app. So these business partners do not have that font installed on their machines.

Often the design-kids are most worried about the identity of the brand, which you can manage by using images instead of text styled with fonts. You have to ask them how much they care? If it is “we care a lot and we have the money to back it up” then do what they ask. Otherwise, identify the issues but be sure to present them two or three immediate solutions. You want them to be able to leave the meeting thinking “problem solved!”


Turns out that they have a fallback for situations with app limitations such as ppt presentations and emails. Arial or Helvetica is indicated for those situations. I will test to see what font browsers substitute for Silka. If it’s Arial or Helvetica, I will leave Silka. That way, should WD future new engine enables it, I won’t have to change everything.

Wait til they realize each user can set any font they want for font substitution. LOL

Thankfully most people do not know about this :smile:

Surely there is only 1 font in the world - Arial? LOL!

I know we are getting close to a year-old thread, but I stumbled on a new community post recently that seems to have a way to achieve what @Cecile was looking for:


I thought it was Menlo...


I love me some Menlo...