WebDirect in FMS20 on iPad

This is a followup to WebDirect 18 bugs: fixed in 19?

One bug that seems to still exist in FMS 20 WebDirect:

  • on an iPad in Safari
  • if your WebDirect layout is taller than the screen
  • scrolling is buggy

The "solution" as described here is to use Safari to "Request Mobile Website" at which point the page works much better.

This was not a great solution in 2019, and 4+ years later it's pretty amazing this bug still exists.

Anyone found a way to deal with this? I'm thinking...

  • different layouts for different screen sizes
  • some sort of javascript hack in the WebDirect files to fix or work around the bug
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Please always report your bugs to Clairs - thanks for sharing @xochi.

Yes, the link I provided is to a bug report submitted in 2019, so clearly Claris is (was?) aware of the issue. It may be worth re-reporting to remind them? :slight_smile:

If you reported it then (2019), report it again for the current version if applicable. Sadly you have to report over and over again as far as I experienced it just to increase the likelihood to get notices first and if ever fixed ...


My solution is to standardise layouts around the minimum screen size and then stretch-to-fit.

It doesn't always work. Some layouts have too much info and its much easier for the user to scroll up/down than it is to split the data across tabs, panels, or layouts.