Webdirect i chrome issue

I tested a webdirect solution and its full of bugs in chrome, it works great on firefox and safari, edge/explorer not tested. Anybody knows why chrome is so buggy with webdirect.

Issues i have i chrome.

  1. Tabs loads showing the text not centered in tabs, you click the tabs it loads correct. Tried a start up script to go to tab b delay sript 0.4 seconds and the go to tab b. Its solves the issue 50% of the times.

  2. Backround image don't load 80% of the time, just show white, only when resize windows it will laod backround image.

Visual example of errors i chrome

Versions? FMS & Chrome?

I don't know why, but I can confirm this behavior. We have a client that is almost exclusively WebDirect with Chrome, and when I'm screen sharing with them, I see the tab issue all the time. I feel like that is a recent development in the last few months, that I don't recall noticing earlier. Our solution doesn't use background images, so I can't speak to that issue.
We also see portals not loading quite often. It is reported that this is fixed in FMS 19.5.x… we are planning to update them soon. They are currently on FMS 19.4.2.
Their Chrome is managed by their IT and updates periodically, out of the users' control.