What do you like to print on the bottom of reports?

When reading the code below, please note that: {sample_text} means optional.

On the left might be…
"Printed <<$$date.formatted>>{ at <<$$time.formatted>>}{ by <<$$accountName>>}{ from <<$$userName>>}"

"On the right might be “{{PageNumber}}{ of <<$$total pages>>}"

In the center might be "LayoutID <<$$ID>>”

2 of the 3 text blocks above could be built as…


…from Scripts.

Using merge variable instead of global fields would afford good code portability.

It does not seem as if you can get the {{PageNumber}} to render within a $$var...so that the text on the right would be hard coded on the layout.


I manually add a layout name, version # and last modification date to all layouts in very small type, something like
"Invoices Master List 2.1 modified 2020-01-02"

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On the left: "This end is the bottom". On the right: "This side faces up"