Nice little new feature: {{PageCount}}

Easy to miss new feature in FM19:

Print total page count – Include the {{PageCount}} symbol on a layout to print page numbers with page counts (for example, Page 1 of 10 ). See Inserting the date, page number, or other variable onto a layout.

Obviously it has a matching get function. Get(PageCount)

I know that this kind of stuff is small compared to javascript, add-ons and the like, but I'm glad to see that stuff making it in the product.

Thanks for bringing these to our attention. I missed that when I was reading the new features list. That will become an instant favourite.

I would have loved if there was a function for the current page and total pagecount ( f.e. page 3 of 16 ) for a pdf report that consists of multiple layouts appended

You may be able to achieve this by creating an unstored calc that adds a $var to the get function. Update the $var before changing layouts. I did not attempt this, you would have to do your own testing.

Like so many things these days, this nearly works. Unfortunately Get(PageCount) behaves slightly different to Get(PageNumber) - tested on Windows, I’ve not tried this on a Mac as yet.

Understandably, both display a ‘?’ in browse mode, but whereas Get(PageNumber) displays correctly in Preview mode, Get(PageCount) still displays ‘?’. If you want to display the preview properly, then revert back to the global variable/go to last record technique.

All’s fine when finally printing or saving as a PDF.

Does Get(PageCount) work if you Go to Record [Last] then Go to Record [First] while in Preview Mode?

EDIT: i tested, no that doesn't seem to work either. But as you said it works when you finally save the pdf or print. Perhaps this should be reported.