What is the status bar pie chart called now?

There are times after 35-years of using FileMaker I find myself stumped over the simplest of things. I’m writing some procedures and want to refer to what we used to call the Status Area (now Bar) Pie Chart in relation to displaying records not in the current found set.

Does this have an official name anymore? Googling hasn’t helped. ‘Proportional Circle’ doesn’t really apply.

I can’t find anything within FileMaker current or older versions’ help documentation. If anyone knows the official name, it would be great to know, otherwise I’m tempted to use ‘Donut Chart’!


Ring segment chart.

Thanks @Torsten

I’d be interested whether you can find/show any Claris/FileMaker documentation on this. I’ve been unable to find any diagrams or references to this.

Could be we end up with a vote between ‘Ring Segment’ or ‘Donut’ charts. I think ‘Donut’ will get my vote.

Unless anyone has anything better🤔

@AndyHibbs The help is not specifically "naming" the objects we see in the UI, but it is describing them using this diagram:



@Bobino, well done. I couldn’t find that.

So they are still referring to it as ‘Pie Chart’, which it was in its previous iteration.

Personally I think ‘Ring Segment’ and ‘Donut’ is more representative than ‘Pie’, but it is good to finally get the answer.

Many thanks

Not an answer to Andy's question, but I am reminded by seeing the image of the snippet of the status bar:

When the FMP rev happened that first sported this current look, for a while I had a really difficult time because the horizontal indicator to graphically indicate which record one is on has enough left and right padding such that (to me) it never looked like I was on the first or last record of the set, even when I was. Of course, the integer value situated above was accurate, but I recall that a number of times I was tricked by this, until I just stopped looking at it.

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Steve, it always made me laugh. The timing of moving the status area/bar from the left to the top, to fit in with Office, etc. was at the time wide screen displays arrived.

Of course, with field/objects anchored to the left and inspector to the right it does make sense, particularly with constantly changing window width(!) when moving between browse and layout modes, but at the time, with all that additional width real estate, it did seem somewhat ironic.