PIe Chart on multiple fields

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I am creating some charts, and one is a pie chart showing totals for medications copays and insurance contributions, as well as payments made by copay assistance. I have these individually on pie charts and working fine. What I want is to be able to show all three of these on the same chart, for a single medication, and for multiple medications. Pie charts do not have a multiple series option like bar graphs do. Can anyone give me any advice on how to accomplish this? I am using FM 18 advanced.




I was never happy with the FM Charts. html- and JavaScript is the skill you would need to do this with WebViewers (GoogleCharts).

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You have to get creative. You can create three charts and then lay them on top of each other, arranging them so that they appear in the way that you want.

At some point you’ll hit a wall and you’ll want to follow @EfficientBizz’ advice. The ability of the chart libraries that you can run in a web browser allow you much more control.

well then, check this out :slight_smile:
GoogleCharts.fmp12.zip (944.5 KB)

using the built-in graphs are just basic, not that easy to use.

The main drawback here is the fact that one can not define ‘solid’ colors - if You do a comparison with departments of a company and those departments have ‘own colors’, You’re out of luck since there is no way to assign colors

There are a lot of further missing’s - therefore: Avoid the internal charting whenever it is possible and go for a charting tool (plugin or a service like google charts)

To support the information already provided. I don’t believe Claris/FMI have invested any development into the charts for some years and with their commitment to Claris Connect in the future, I’d be careful committing too much to using the internal system.

Interestingly, we have some clients who deal with very sensitive data and operate FileMaker without any Internet access for security reasons. 360Works have kindly created special versions of one of their plug-ins that overcomes its reliance of an Internet connection. It makes one wonder whether these type of clients who rely only on the built in features are going to be able to operate this way in the future.


Thanks much Andy for your response. I’ve been stacking pie charts with a bunch of data already, giving them based on the state of a pop up menu. I really wanted to compare these side by side, so I already punted and went with a bar graph for this one instead, which of course, allows multiple series for the criterium. Workswell.

Thanks again!


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