Wishes for MBS Plugin?

for me chief complaint: performance when large JSONObjects passed
(some APIs return the entire universe..)

Right. If you don't have control over the chunk you receive it is annoying. But @villegld mentioned JSONSetElement, I'm wondering what problems occur there.

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Thanks for all the ideas.
For next version I picked a very old wish for Script Workspace to enhance it once again.


Could still improving auto-completion help with JSONSetElement? Or with any other function writing.

MBS’s current variable auto-complete is already excellent inprovement to native fm.

I’ve used IDEs like vscode to create bigger jsons. I’ve been playing around with idea of some way to generate JSONSetElement function from json.

I’ve been playing around with idea of some way to generate JSONSetElement function from json.

Hey, sounds like we had the same idea. I added this very function to this VSCode extension (Convert JSON to JSONSetElement). YOu can see a gif of it in action here: FileMaker VSCode - Visual Studio Marketplace

I found myself doing the same thing, writing JSON in VSCode and then converting to FM calc. Check it out (totally free)


Thanks! This was really useful

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Very extra cool, @jwilling ! :clap:t3:

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any hints? :slight_smile:


you remember when Tim Cook said the wrist is very interesting?

I could say the space between line numbers and script text is very interesting.


Hey @MonkeybreadSoftware,

I would like to be able to collapse and expand loops and if-ranges in scripts.

This can be clearer and help to find a certain part. And it helps with focusing.


ooh what Ccould possibly go in that space ... is @mipiano correct in that it might be expand/collapse of if/loop blocks ??

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Bingo. You are both right to guess.

Will come next week, so I have time to look for more bugs on the weekend.


More details available here: MBS Claris FileMaker Blog - Code Folding in Script Workspace for Claris FileMaker

(Sorry @MonkeybreadSoftware if I am stealing your thunder, I saw this in a post on LinkedIn today, pointing to your website.)


Great feature, @MonkeybreadSoftware . Thank you very much!

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This is awesome @MonkeybreadSoftware !

Will this feature support cmd+shift+click of disclose triangles to expand/collapse all if/loop blocks in a script en-masse? This is the behaviour in the scripts list and would be great for individual scripts too.

Could you also expand (pun intended) further on how long collapses persist? If I read correctly any time you save the script or close/reopen it then it will be reset? I have an itchy cmd+s finger so I might need to learn to save less if that's the case ! It would be great for it to persist across sessions but I could understand that might make the size of the preferences file very large. !

@weetbicks reset also happens if you use drag&drop to move script lines around.

We just change the view on the script temporarily.
So whenever FileMaker reloads the script, everything expands.

Clarus could do this much better with persistence.


If it were possible to change the colour of background tabs in the Script Workspace, that would make my life so much easier.
I frequently have a number of script tabs open - trying to see the background ones is a squinty job, since the grey of the background tab is not much different to the text colour of the script names in those background tabs!
Either the grey colour of the tabs themselves to be lighter, or the colour of the script name so that it could be darker.
Either of these options would make it much easier to see background tabs.

And on a separate note - thank you so much for the collapse and expand of the layout menu!


My wish for Christian: It would be a great feature if you could indent or outdent a marked section of text in the formula editor.


And the comment editor, a text object and a text field.