Would presenting Claris a list of 4-5 feature requests increase the probability they implement them?

When he asked that question in his original topic, JasonMark listed the features he thought should make the roster, see below.

I have copied the posts and replies that addressed the likelihood that Claris will « listen » aka implement the requests. I also copied posts that explore which features should be promoted first.

  • Portals - Putting the “add new item” on the top of the portal instead of the bottom, requires a second portal and EITHER a second join OR a bunch of hide statements to get the “add portal row” to not show up on the bottom. Couldn’t this just be an option on the portal where Devs can specify showing that field at the top, bottom, or not show it.
  • Pop-Up Menus - For long lists they're pretty unusable because you can't type in them and have it autofill like lists. Sure we can use lists, but in order to get them to use a primary-key join we need to do a bunch of backflips.
  • Pop-Up Menus - Checkbox to have a blank option at the top, so users can easily clear it without any developer backflips.
  • Frames or something for repeated navigation - Every time I make a change to my navigation bar I have to update it on 15-20 screens. It would be amazing if Filemaker let us "embed a layout" in another one.

IDK what else does every dev run into at some point? I'm not thinking about the things that are critical for power developers, or the magical things the computers do, but the little things that would help experts and novices from day one.

The things that you think "wow, do I still have to do this this way it seems like they would have made this optional by now" sort of things.

If we all got behind a few of these and asked a couple of Filemaker Dev Friends to add their name to the signature page or whatever do you think someone at Claris might listen?

My very unofficial sense is that Claris chooses what they want to focus on, and then once they decide that, they work hard at listening in those areas.

As an example, last week I received a cold-call message on the old forum from someone who appears to be a Claris rep, who asked if I could spend a few minutes to offer some feedback on a couple of specific topics that, I gather, are of interest to Claris. Since I don't have any creds on that forum other than being a long-time contributor, I take that to mean that Claris does do outreach to listen to general FM devs, but that perhaps they are targeting feedback in areas that they have already decided are where they want to focus.


Claris on its Community has a place to suggest modifications or new functionalities. Some make their way in the product, other not.

In the past, development was planned for three years, and sometimes feature X had to be implemented before feature Y because the latter need to use the former.

Since agile is now used, this may have changed. Claris does not discuss future plans, but sometimes it presents the roadmap. The last one was not very informative though, but since a lot changed during the last year and a half, that may explain why.

Looking at the latest feature addition, I guess that creating your custom portal with the new record be at the beginning could be easier by being able to reuse code.

What do you mean by latest feature addition? Is that something that's released or something you're seeing on a roadmap somewhere?

I was referring to add-ons.

The official portal for feature requests is at https://community.claris.com/en/s/ideas

well... That's the problem - for me, those 4 points are not so critical. Makes it really hard for Claris.

AFAIK, Claris does listen to customers - in a way a SW company does that. Does not mean that my wishes come true )-:

The 'ideas' - site is the place to start

I like your suggestions but I also have differences with them.

  • Portals: However this is implemented, I'm sure everyone will want it done differently.
  • Value lists are not the right sort of tool for long lists. Don't give long lists to value lists.
  • Checkbox to have a blank option? It has a clear use case. I like it.
  • Frames for Navbars. You aren't the first to think of this. I don't know why its not available to us now.
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In the past we’ve had assurances from Claris (née FileMaker Inc) that the ideas section included by @Malcolm above is looked at very frequently (we were told daily). The problem is that everyone has their own priorities, hence what may be important to one person is irrelevant to another.

If you do have an idea, please carry out careful searches in the ideas section to ensure that someone hasn’t already put forward the idea, as you can then vote for it. It is the ideas with the highest number of votes that are likely to be included in future versions. Putting forward a duplicate or similar variation of an idea dilutes the voting.

Our highest priority remains the missing OnRecordUnload or OnRecordExit script trigger to pair with OnRecordLoad to complement our move away from using cross table calculations, abandonment of the slow backward compatible legacy features and to implement clients’ business rules. We lose hundreds of development hours working around this missing script trigger. However, there is no sign of this being a major priority for the majority of developers, although I see this now has 300 votes - Claris Community (English) (I’ve just commented as this post seems to have gained most traction).


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Would it help if we got together - maybe but who is "we"? I guess if you ask 100 developers you'll get 100 different top 4 priorities. For example horizontal scrolling portals would be nice :wink:
As stated above there is aleady an official way to let Claris know what you would like to see implemented as a developer, or user, and "we" all get to vote, so that is probably the best way for now. I assume that Claris do look at this list, and I assume they take into account the votes and I also assume that someone at Claris will look at new posts, so I do post there and I do vote there.


Yeah I hear the "who is we", but the ideas section has ideas that are many years old with no actions but lots of votes, and other ideas that are old that don't have votes because many of us outgrew them are have become accustomed to the workaround, so we don't bother voting for them.

To answer @BenMiller's question I'm thinking "we" meaning FM Soup, a dedicated community of Filemaker Fans and users to basically sort through that mess and collectively decide "what would help Filemaker as a platform grow beyond where it is now". What are the recurring questions that come up that EVERYONE has to work around. What are the low hanging fruit that gets missed every year and maybe we all use plugins or have our standard workarounds, but which shouldn't still exist.

This was sparked because I've only been using FIlemaker for a year after taking a 6 year break form it and I'm like "shit, we still have to use the "hide and create duplicate portal" trick to make the "add new portal row" show up at the top?

I can work around it... it doesn't take long, but I instantly got half a dozen people on this forum to say "yeah this is the work around, still as crappy as Filemaker 12 (or whatever version)...

I feel like as a community we can identify a bunch of these "low hanging fruit" that Claris never gets to that are probably fairly easy to implement.

But it sounds like that's not something that would be helpful or listened to in that way, and sounds like it's probably more work than I imagined since most people here that contribute are more advanced and have a different set of priorities than newer developers.

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This is something that has always baffled me regarding the new ideas section. 1 vote is worth 10 points, so that idea has 380 points (at the time of writing), which means only 38 people actually voted for it. I personally think sometimes this throws us off, as members of the FM community, because we think ideas are voted on more than they actually are.

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Thank you for bringing this into perspective. I would be curious to have a unified breakdown for each idea and its related and variants and plain duplicates, since @DSRF remarked that there are a great number of repetitions.