Your help needed please

Dear all

I hope, like me, you have and are enjoying this FileMaker related forum. Personally, I love the diversification of the subjects discussed and the closeness of all the members. It is refreshing to be able to discuss ‘anything’ remotely linked to using FileMaker, rather than just ‘how do I do?’ type questions, which of course are also welcomed no matter how experienced you are, or are not with FileMaker.

I’d like to bring your attention to a post you may have seen: Upcoming Members General Meeting -- POLL

The subject of the above may lead you to think that there is already a committee in place and this is the sort of thing that other people get involved with. In this case, we ask that you please read the above post and, if at all possible, both vote and attend (online) the AGM. You will not be asked to commit to anything, other than to attend, listen and, only if you wish, contribute.

For those who may not know, @Cecile started this forum as a proof of concept after the somewhat disappointing change of platform for the FileMaker/Claris Community website. This forum is not a platform for any competition to, or criticism of the official community forum, but a complementary place to discuss, help and inform about anything to do with our favourite database platform. Or to put more simply ‘To offer even more power to the problem solvers.’

In many ways, we here could be taken as a positive example of the following taken from Brad Freitag and Britta Rock’s shared ‘A Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity’ statement currently published on the community website:

Please let me assure you, at Claris, we strongly believe in the value of inclusion and diversity, and are determined to incorporate diverse perspectives, experiences, and identities that reflect the full breadth of our customers and communities.

In addition to Cecile’s continuing (extraordinary) efforts, a few of us have also provided financial support to enable this forum to continue. The AGM is part of the process to convert this fmsoup forum into a not for profit organisation based in Canada,, which will reduce the running costs and help guarantee the longer term future of the fmsoup.

fmsoup has over 300 members and, at the last count, the AGM post only had 19 voters and only 15 confirmed attendees, which is not enough to meet the needs to continue the not for profit journey the fmsoup is on.

I ask, please, that everyone clicks on Cecile’s post or uses the above link and votes either that they can or cannot attend. Personally, I would really miss ‘the soup’ if it didn’t continue, and this is now in your hands. I have no vested interest other than enjoying the cooperation and friendship of the members here, as I did previously on the original community website.

Many thanks for taking time to read the above.



Thanks for this post, @AndyHibbs . Very much appreciated. And apologies for my own tardy response to the poll. The intent to respond was always there, but the nudge from both you and Cécile helped me to realize that, in this case, it's probably best that I don't wait till the last minute (as I often do) to RSVP.


I'm still annoyed about the FSA Digest moving to that damn WebCrossing platform.

And I'm here because that guy who runs the FileMaker Cafe kept moving it and destroying all the old links to important posts. So yeah I'm with you there.

I'm a newbie here so I'm not sure how I can help but it looks like y'all have a nice space here.