A book to learn FileMaker

Hi all,

I discovered this morning there is a book on FileMaker that is recent ! It is Learn FileMaker Pro 19 - The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases | Mark Munro | Apress

The book was published in 2021 and this is the second edition. The book is from Mark Conway Munro.

To those who wish to learn FileMaker, this seems a good book.


Wow, a current FileMaker book!
I thought they went extinct around version 14 (nobody was buying them?). It's interesting to note, and IMHO unfortunate, that most, if not all, the FileMaker books are for novices. "Here's your first script....".

I bought that one and also the other current book from Richard Carlton


Both a very different in their style and so they may be used together.

Glad to learn Richard Carlton also has one. FileMaker is better covered than I thought, great.

unfortunately, they want to phone before one gets the link. No way here )-:

(I got all the training stuff from rcc - really great!)

I bought it in paper via amazon.

But for the PDF, they basically give it away. Maybe you just email them and ask kindly?

They just want to have a short phone call to discuss your needs. You can probably set it up via email with them.

Learn FileMaker Pro is now on sale at apress dot com for $11.99.

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