About the Douglas Swatski Collection channel

This channel is for discussions on how generative AI may be integrated with FileMaker applications. I will describe my journey of applying this technology to an application I have as a real-world example. I find it useful to see this technology actually be put to use to fully understand what its strengths and weaknesses truly are.

My focus will be on applying the API calls to a generative AI. I am starting out with OpenAI's ChatGPT. There are others and it would be great if other members can share their experiences. This is not a discussion on vanilla ChatGPT for the non-programmer, I think there are many other forums on the internet that cover that.

It would be great to cover how generative AI is different from more traditional solutions to problems. Does the use of AI make the solution less fragile? Easier to maintain? Easier for the user to navigate or understand?

Please reply to the articles I created to focus our discussion on those elements.

Personally, I have been interested in AI (more AGI than generative AI) for a long time. AI has been hyped, dismissed, renamed, many times before and faded into history. That said, I have solved problems using generative AI that I previously found to be intractable. I am interested in hearing other's thoughts and ingenious solutions.