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I'm contacting you because I'm stuck. I can't get the list of results in the program table on the completeUS rubric, as I was able to do on the athlete table in listing.
I tried with a list field, adding the fields programID in the result table and resultID in the program table, I modified the link graph by changing the links from Jeux or prog-results.
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Thanks for your help

Hi Marc,

I tried hard to understand your issue, but failed. Maybe it would help if you gave the exact names.
"I was able to do on the athlete table in listing": what did you do? There is no field "listing" in "Athlete" or "Programme" or table named "listing". Maybe it would help if I understood the "success" part to start with :slight_smile:

Hi Edwin,
As you can see, for athlete, I can put the results andd I'd like to make the same on PROG_epreuve::completUS
exemple files can be find here: Dropbox - - Simplify your life

Hi Marc,

Your layout "athlete tableau" is based on "RES_Athlete", which is linked to "Results" on "AthleteID". Thus, every entry on "RES_Athlete" is linked to all "Results" for the same athlete.
"result tableau US" is based on "Results", so every line in the layout corresponds to 1 result. This is the one that you see when you use the "List(Results::tout) on such a line.
If you want list(Results::tout) to return several lines, you have to base the "results tableau US" on another table or table occurrence (maybe a TO of "results" itself) and link this to "results" by a field which selects the results that you want to see with the List(Results::tout), maybe also "AthleteID"?
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Hi Edwin,

it's on the layout "programme 2 US" and the field "PROG_epreuve..complet US" where I want it, don't need results in results :wink:

Hi Marc,

your "Programme" is linked to "Jeux" and "Results" on the field "JeuxID", which is always 30. Can't work.
So I created a copy (TO) of "Results", named it "Programme|Results" and linked it to "Results" on the field "ProgrammID" . The Programme|Results::tout then returns 8 entries on your example ProgramID 15237, using "UniqueValues()" reduces it to 5. Is that more like hat you are looking for?

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