Filemaker2tableau released!

We've just released a free and open source FileMaker connector for Tableau which is a bit more user friendly that the legacy one.
All feedbacks are welcome
More details available here :


Thank you for the connector!

I have followed the instructions, went to the url and entered username and password but nothing happens after that. The option to choose databases and layouts does not appear? Any idea why that is the case? I have the fmrest privilege activated and tableau 2019.2 is the used version

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Sorry I hadn't seen your feedback.

Do you have any error message displayed ?
The database selector should be displayed if any database can be opened using provided credentials.

Which fms version are you using ?

I am using FMS 17

The error that Tableau is showing is as follows:

Sorry I forgot to mention that the connector requires FileMaker server 18 dataAPI (there was many changes made to the "tableau" internal API introduced in 18)

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Alright! That explains it :slight_smile: