How to create a wiki post or turn an existing post into a wiki

I can’t post to this topic because discourse thinks I’m having a discussion with myself:

My question is "I can’t seem to figure out how to create a wiki post or turn an existing post into a wiki. Can anyone help? "

(maybe we should lift the “3 post in a row max” rule or maybe something else that would achieve the same effect without preventing someone to ask questions).


To turn a post into a wiki, the channel must have this feature enabled. By default, I turn off replies and wiki functionalities for curated collections. Let me know if you wish me to activate them.

Please note that the wiki functionality isn’t like a real wiki eg Wikipedia. Discourse calls wiki the method by which several people can edit threads, regardless of their membership status (only level 3 members can make corrections to others’ posts and some modifications to tags and move it to a more appropriate channel/topic).

Yes, I would like if I could create wiki posts within my curated collection. Thank you.

What are the locations where they are turned on? I can’t seem to find them. (The lounge does not seem to be one).

There are 3 ways to make a post wiki:

  1. moderator/admin can make a thread wiki
  2. trust level 3 members can self-wiki (by using the wrench in the ellipsis menu after their initial post)
  3. admin can set a channel to have all new posts wikis by default.

I increased your trust level to 3. You can now self wiki. Unless you want anyone be able to mess with your collections, in which case I could make all threads/topics wikis by default for your channel.

At this time, the settings for your channel specify only you can create new threads but everyone can reply. Again let me know if you want this to be changed (read, reply, create are the possibilities but the settings apply for the entire channel.)

Unfortunately, configuration of channels cannot be delegated. Only admins can do this. Until i find a way to give curators more rights over their channels, this is how we have to proceed.

I was under the impression I had already achieved this trust level (I had changed my profile title accordingly, now had to do this again). I understand that trust levels can go up and down based on contributions within a specific period of time, but I would expect to be notified about this (one way or the other, something like a notification for loosing a badge). How does one know when they are going from a higher trust level to a lower one?

Thanks for the information you can share about this.