"My FileMaker Support Community" application ?!?


I just found out that there is a “My FileMaker Support Community” application. In Chrome to the right of the address bar there is a circled + icon that I only notice today. When I click on this, I get:


Just what is this ???


Looks like It’s our site with Discourse:-) Probably for notifications

I did install it. It creates a Chrome App and lets you use it as an app (distinct from your browser, something some people like). It is nice as it runs in a fashion that preserves your chrome extensions, but lacks some basic browser features (like a back button). Try it. This answer was written using it.

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Very useful! Thanks (I wanted to make something like that with «Fluid» for Safari)

PS I didn’t jet find, HOW you did it …

btw: There is an iOS (at least iPad) application for discourse.

‘Discourse Hub’ (app store)

I’m mostly using this app instead of the browser

I can confirm the iOS app exists also for the iPhone. Because I did not install both the iPhone and iPad app, I don’t know if this is a universal app or 2 apps each designed for their respective devices.

Is it better than using Safari on the iPad ?

it’s about the same. Compared to the old ‘jive’ app, it’s working

I’m on more than one discourse-forum, so it’s easier for me to handle those all via one app