An ingredients manager for the soup cook, ingredients collection

We now have a splendid and resourceful cookbook:!

A good soup needs good ingredients and busy cooks need a way to manage and store ingredients. Our ingredients are (demo) files that show methods, techniques and all kind of documentation. Many developers have their own tool but maybe not everyone. So here is a starter solution for file keeping. It offers basic functionality and can be extended to meet individual needs.

User: admin, pw: admin

It may also be a starting point for a of a new category called 'Ingredients' where members can post demo files which they deem instructive and useful to the community.

Important: these demo files can hold extensive documentation. Commenting in scripts and functions is explicitly encouraged!

Over time, this collection will become a valuable and growing source of knowledge for everyone who wants to improve her/his FM skills.

Addendum: use @Malcolm’s file below which has an error fix.
fmsoup-ingredients.fmp12 (516 KB)

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@Torsten, I found and fixed an issue with table references in the “Save to Desktop” script. Can we replace your link with this one?
fmsoup-ingredients.fmp12 (516 KB)

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Absolutely. Everyone can modify it and put it here. It is not a curated list.

Actually, only mods can do that. Malcolm is a mod. However, I changed the channel settings so now, it is a wiki. Wikis can be modified by everyone. Although… hopefully people will self regulate and only modify if they are certain that they are fixing a problem; or should discuss it before amending the work.

I recommand adding v2 or v3… after the name of a file if someone upload a new one and not deleting the original one.

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could you look in the settings and integration of the forum to see if you can figure out how to enable Git plugin? It would be a good way to collaborate on files…

I wonder if Git is going to provide any benefit for sharing FMP files?

Git is designed around plain text formats that can be modified line by line. In this case, if it were possible, it would recognise that I changed one reference in the file and it would transmit that one line. It would display that change, showing what was removed and what was added. However, as FMP is a binary format, it will see that the file is different and transmit the entire file. There will be no insight around the changes.

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Thank you for explaining. Maybe when fm xml is more developed and accurate, this will become doable.