AWS Cognito issues affecting Claris Cloud in APAC (resolved)

On my Saturday 18th May, clients using Claris Cloud hosted at the Sydney AWS were unable to connect because the 2FA token was not being sent to them. The problem was resolved by 1:30pm but it meant that Claris Cloud users were without systems on the busiest morning of the trading week.

I've assumed that there were problems with AWS Cognito service but I don't have any confirmation.

Did anyone else see or hear of problems? Or do you have anymore information about what the underlying cause was?

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Did the support tickets get through (at least)? In the past when AWS was down that might have been the case as well and clients in purgatory ..

We sent our message on Saturday. We received a reply on Monday morning.

They said there were a large number of affected users and that prevented them from getting to our support request earlier. They also included the link to support that I posted in Claris Cloud and Claris Connect Support to ensure that we could get 24/7 support for Claris Cloud outages.

Personally preferring on premise servers. That emphasize on cloud / cloud first is not much appealing to us and past experiences with clients using fm cloud didn't convince!
( BTW has amazing support and we have only great experiences .. )

The service failure from an upstream provider is really the worst-case scenario. For many situations it is an excellent solution. This client prefers not to have on-premise server.