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We'd love to have your help to make the Soup a great place to discover and use FileMaker. You can do that by volunteering. There are plenty of different roles to perform. Some are simple back-room things, like tagging and organising. Perfect for OCD types. Our moderators are volunteers who have more experience and a good way with people. Then there are more technical roles, such as the managing the website, theming, functionality, and so on.

If you'd like to know more, simply reply to this topic, or reach out to any of the board members listed below.

Board Members

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Maybe current and former volunteers could share with members what they feel they gained because you volunteer for the soup, to help people understand how volunteering to the soup is a unique experience involving learning and personal and professional growth?

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I feel like I keep muting these general announcement channels and I get ending up back on them. I donated specifically so I don't have to help govern or volunteer. Does everyone who signs up get added to these? Is there a way to opt out of all community things at once, or is it just muting the channels as they pop up?

if I can help, I will... I'm probably one of the older members - if You want fresh blood, I'm the wrong person (-:

I think for the moment I will donate quarterly.

This year, unfortunately, I have too little time to participate in administrative tasks as a volunteer. Should I find more time next year, I will be happy to contact you.

I have promised a few times this year here in the forum something that I have not yet managed to keep in time: To deliver field reports or to finish an app that I wanted to make available here to The Soup. I haven't forgotten these things, but unfortunately I haven't found the time to do it yet. But I will still keep these promises to give The Soup something back.

The Soup is a great place to be and learn about FileMaker! Mostly in a polite and respectful manner.

I want to say "thank you" to all the people that do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep things alive! :heart:

Hello everyone,

We are asking for volunteers… but don't feel obliged to volunteer. Likewise we are asking for donations… and likewise don't feel obliged to donate. There are too many reasons why a person may be unable or unwilling to volunteer and / or donate. We are in no position to judge any of these reasons.


In any case, it's good to be reminded from time to time that you can donate.

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Every member sees community messages. It is important for all member to get them. We do our best to minimize them. This channel is, however, our vehicle to communicate important messages regarding the forum and The Soup.

Our message was not meant to guilt anyone into volunteering or donating. It was meant to inform members, who are non-capital shareholders of, of what the board of directors accomplished in approximately six months and the organization's needs. We feel this message is important to shareholders for the sake of transparency. The information and requests regarding volunteers and donations makes reference to the organization's needs.

Hope this helps.

By default members are subscribed to the feedback and the announcement channel. You can unsubscribe from both of them. The feedback channel can have more activity however, we close threads in the announcement channel so that people only get an announcement, not other people reactions (which can be discussed in the feedback channel).

Even if you unsubscribe from them, if you reply to any topic in any channel, you automatically become subscribed to that topic. You can change your settings so that you are not automatically subscribed when answering topics. You can also change your subscription for specific topics individually. For example, now that you have responded to this topic you are probably subscribed to it. You can change this.

Finally, we do pin announcements. People can stop seeing a pinned announcement by clicking the x in the top right corner of the announcement banner. Once dismissed an announcement doesn’t come up again, until a new announcement gets pinned.

I hope this info helps.

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@JasonMark :heart:

The announcements don't discriminate.

Donations are really valuable contribution and we are only able to remain online because of the generosity of our donors.

Others here may have enough time avallable to join the volunteer group and we are reaching out to them.

If you haven't seen the "close window" check box in the top right corner of the banner, that's going to be your friend. :grinning:

I could volunteer, but I am new to web development and Filemaker.


we do not need volunteer to do FileMaker work, but to help in Thesoup administration. Is this something you would be interested in ?


Gilles Plante, Treasurer

What types of Task would I be doing?
Do I need a certain skillset?

What tasks depends on where we assign you. We need to create or increase capacity in many teams, including moderation, donation and… volunteering.

We are not picky for skillset at this time. Ability to research, learn, self-motivation and a certain amount of fearlessness are important skills / attributes to have. Others are definitely nice to have. For example, we would like to have conversations with anyone who has experience in organising donation campaigns or volunteers.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you are still interested.

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Not sure if this message was sent directly to me or a group thing on fmsoup.

Thanks for asking, but I probably do not have the time to help. I am just keeping tabs in FileMaker these days, it has not been a major focus. I am in the middle of launching 2 startups with different partners which is taking a lot of time.


Hello @davep,

No worries! This message was part of a post, not a private message.

I’m interested