Looking for Volunteers

Let's see… where did I put my recruiter's hat? Ah! There it is. Hmmm… needs a stitch or two. Oh well! It'll have to do.

Is the mike on? It is? All right then…

Hello Everyone,

Remember that volunteers are essential for The Soup to run effectively. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is fast upon us. We need volunteers to apply for or be proposed to become board members. Contact @Torsten or @Cecile if you are interested or curious. They can answer most questions you may have.

We are always looking for volunteers. We want people who want to make The Soup the best place for FileMaker and FileMaker-related knowledge. We want people who like to network and who like to develop: develop knowledge; develop environments; develop a community; and develop trust.

There are many benefits to being a volunteer on The Soup. While all members can shape The Soup, volunteers are the ones making decisions. Volunteers run projects, create policies, manage various parts of The Soup, etc. In short, volunteers develop and make use of marketable skills.

You can volunteer as a board member (if you are elected), as an officer (if you are selected by the board), as an officer's minion or as a project participant. If there is a position or a task that interests you, let us know and we'll do our best to find you an interesting volunteer position.

Bottom line… we need volunteers. We need fresh blood and fresh ideas. We need you. Please reach out to us.

Become a volunteer.

Whew! What a rush. Hats off now… and let's get back to my weekend.

What? The mike is still on?

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