Beware Script Names in Windows

As per the attached screenshot, FileMaker running in Windows appears to remove an underscore from a field name from at least the 'Set Script Trigger' dialogue. I've not checked this for other non alpha-numeric characters or other dialogues, but I was starting to think I had 2 similarly named scripts, but realised the display name was different from the actual script name.

If the 'Set Script Trigger' window is stretched to the right and the 'Script' column width increased, then the correct script name is displayed, as per the second screenshot below.

This was using FMP v19.2 in Windows. The Mac version appears to display the correct script name.

Windows Script Trigger2

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As a test, what happens if you pick a different script and then set it back to the correct one ? I wonder if then the correct name would be displayed to the right of the button.

The correct name is displayed in the top table, but is it the right script that is called when the Save occurs ?

No luck I’m afraid, the behaviour remains the same.

Hi Andy,

This behaviour seems to have been resolved in 19.3.2 on Windows.
I'm relieved that someone else noticed this - I thought it was just me!

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Hi Jools

Thanks for the update. We can’t update our clients to FMP19.3.2 as yet as we’ve too many amendments to do where the change of behaviour in Edge has broken some of our clients’ systems that are dependent on the webviewer.

Trouble is we have so many new development deadlines that reworking (unpaid) existing systems would mean we let down those client’s we’ve promised a completion date to. Thank goodness we are in control of our own servers and software, otherwise we’d be hit with a tsunami.

We’re responsible for about 50 FileMaker systems, so the introduction of breaking changes wreaks havoc here, and there have been a lot of these recently.

Kind regards