Bobino & friends

Hi everyone,

I was very glad and impressed with our AGM by the number of people who got to attend. I love our forum and the way it binds us together. At the same time, people have been virtualizing local meetups, removing barriers that would normally prevent people to gather.

I would like us to get to know each other better. I think a monthly virtual meetup could be a great opportunity for that. Of course, we would also discuss topics we care about that touch the Claris ecosystem.

I am simply calling this "Bobino & friends" because I do not see this as something officially tied to fmSoup, people could participate without being members here, but since I am talking about it here first, I would suspect a good number of us would also be fmSoup members.

Coming up with a schedule that fits everyone is impossible and that is unfortunate. I noticed that during the AGM, some of our friends from Europe felt like the meeting was reaching a bit too late into the evening. So I would aim for something in the EST timezone that would start anywhere between 11am - 1pm. Without having a set duration in mind I suspect a 60-90 minutes exchange would be interesting, but we could prolong based on scheduling conflicts or not.

On my end, I am hesitating on doing this either the 4th Tuesday of the month or the 4th Saturday of the month.

Does that sound interesting to any of you? Maybe it's just me? If we are only a handful, I'm not sure I will move forward with this, but if a good number feel like this is a good idea, then I will get things in motion.

With this in mind, please let me know your preference below (voters will be shown next to their respective answers, to facilitate follow-ups, therefore the polls below give you no anonymity).

  • Yes
  • No

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I would prefer the meeting to start monthly on:
  • 4th Tuesday at 11am (EST)
  • 4th Tuesday at 12pm (EST)
  • 4th Tuesday at 1pm (EST)
  • 4th Saturday at 11am (EST)
  • 4th Saturday at 12pm (EST)
  • 4th Saturday at 1pm (EST)

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If you signal your interest, but do not specify a time preference, I will understand it as you would like to join, but on a different schedule. If that category has a ton of response, I may reach out individually to see if an alternate (or additional) schedule could work for a larger number.

If there is something about this you would like to discuss, please DM me directly and refrain from starting a discussion below.



@Bobino I think this is a great idea from you!
I voted for Saturday at 12pm but tuesday 12pm would also be possible for me.


just a correction, since Sunday March 14th, it's not EST but EDT :wink:.

Hi, I voted for 11am due to the time zone. It is midnight so I think I could participate for the first hour meeting.

I often use the following to figure out the best time across zones and then put the most promising rows so that people can figure out their own time. :slight_smile: Meeting Planner – Find best time across Time Zones


If you like a world wide audience, you may always have to plan night somewhere on the globe.

e.g. 21 o'clock in Germany then night over India and 7 in the morning on the next day in Australia.
For the US it's 13 to 16 o'clock.
If you have only Europe + US, just pick morning in US, which is evening in Europe.

We are now trying to keep the weekends FileMaker free as I’ve been putting in at least 14-hour working days Monday to Friday for nearly 2 years. We’re are trying to give up the 7-day working weeks and leave the mouseface behind for the weekend.

Good luck with this though.


Hi everyone,

it seems there are only a few of us who would be meeting. So I'm not going to move forward with this project that was meant for us to know each other in a different context than text based communication.

Should anyone want to re-open the idea, that is ok by me. Perhaps, the time slots I put forward were not suitable for a good number, or people are just fine the way things are.

In any case, if anyone wants to surf on the idea of a "virtual get together", I'll just leave the thread open. Happy to arrange for the videoconferencing via RingCentral Meetings (a Zoom whitelabel).