Browser connection problems to FM Server

I have three Mac FileMaker Servers running inside my corporate firewall. One each of 17 (High Sierra, Xeon), 18 (Mojave, Xeon), 19 (Monterey, M1). The same rules are applied for each at the corporate firewall (set according to Ports used by FileMaker Server 17 and later). None of the three are running the Mac firewall on the computer. All are updated. All have real security certificates and FQDNs that point to the right machines.

All three can be accessed using the address from the server itself. All three can be accessed from FileMaker clients inside or outside the firewall.

The 17 server works as expected. Using the FQDN the Admin Console and Web Direct work from anywhere.

The 18 and 19 servers however give refuse to connect to the admin console or web direct using the FQDN from anywhere.

I have configured FMS the same on each server the best I can. Everything shown by the fmsadmin GET is at the default except the cache is bigger in 17 (24576), and SecureFilesOnly is false. All the connectors are activated.

Any thoughts as to what I am overlooking?


You configured the Apache server to answer for the domain names?

With WebDirect, I've had trouble with corporate firewalls that do MITM attacks (e.g. SSL decrypting/encrypting proxy) see for example.

However, I think that's not likely to affect admin-console from working.