Upload to host not displaying the account authentication dialog

Several days ago I started to load a file to the server using File->Sharing->Upload to Host... The upload was interrupted before it completed. Subsequently I have been experiencing two issues:

  1. When I select "Upload to Host...", that host does not display the account authentication dialog. The idle spinner spins forever saying "Waiting for response..."
  2. The host does not respond to WebDirect URLs. I had been using WebDirect prior to this without trouble.

My suspicions rest on the stored information for the WebDirect server. At present it displays the internal IP address of the server. I think that it should display either the external URL or the domain name of the server.

Does anyone know how to correct this problem?

this looks like the problem described here:


I fixed this on three servers having the problem with FMS 19 and macOS 10.15/11/12.
I took the manual approach from the article editing the config-file with nano via terminal.

On our last local FM-user-group session a colleague told of another problem happening with macOS starting a second Apache instance. This led to the same behaviour.

The solution can be found here:

Terminal is generic :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


thanks for the suggestion. It hasn't helped in this case.

UPDATE: It's now working.

The suggested change is still in place. I modified HTTPD.CONF and everything works.

My apache version is greater than 2.4.48 so I left the modification in place for the ssl.conf

The change I made in the https.conf was to change my server name from domain.name:80 to domain.name:443

After restarting the web server, everything is working.

thanks @harvest