Why do some buttons allow style attributes to be copied, when others do not?

I've included a screen grab of the situation because it's easier to see what is happening by watching it.

I don't know why I can copy style attributes between objects for some button bars but not for other button bars.

In the video I select a button segment and try to copy attributes. That fails. You can see that the Style Paste button remains dim. I then select a different button segment. I am now able to copy/paste attributes. The Style Paste button becomes active as soon as I click the Style Copy button. Moving back to the first button, I click the Style Copy button and the Style Paste button dims.

Does anyone know what is causing the two buttons to have different behaviour?

Potentially the version of FileMaker they were originally created in ?

That would be a horror :scream:

I'm going to inspect the XML, maybe the clues are there. Nothing that I can see.

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can You (with a copy!) re-assign or new-assign a css-theme?

What about grouping of the buttons?

I haven't tried assigning a new style. I'll do that on Monday when I have access to the file.