Christmas Funding Drive

Seasons Greetings!

I am writing to kick off our Christmas funding drive. Join the spirit of the season by making a Christmas gift to your favorite FileMaker forum.

We are hoping to raise enough to keep us running for a full year. That's a total of CA$1500.00.

If you enjoy the content of the Soup, consider giving us a small gift for Christmas. A little will go a long way and it will help us to keep the soup running.

Our mission is to offer an independent, accessible and freely available English language forum for all things FileMaker to FileMaker enthusiasts of the world. And we want to ensure the persistence and searchability of the forum's knowledge.

The Soup remains accessible by being an internet forum that uses an easy-to-use platform. Our content is freely available by refusing to have any paywall. We are a member based corporation and we retain our independence by having no commercial ties. However, we still have costs.

Running a forum and a corporation costs money. Software services, internet services, regulatory fees and more cost money. No amount of volunteering can pay these costs. We need regular income. Our potential sources of income are limited: fees; advertisement; sponsorships; donations.

Fees would run counter to our mission. We believe advertisements would reduce our independence and would not serve our members well. We are undecided about sponsorships at the moment and are still studying it. Donations remain our only means of income at this time.

We hope The Soup is useful to you as a FileMaker community and as a source of FileMaker information. Please make a donation on our donation platform Christmas Funding Drive to help keep The Soup alive. The platform allows you to make a one time donation or monthly recurring donations. Donations small and large are welcome – every amount helps.

Gilles Plante


First Week Update

At the end of week 1 we received a total of $ 600.00, that represents 40% of the objective.

Gilles Plante


Second Week Update

At the end of week #2 the total received in now $ 1370.00, that represents 91% of the amount needed to run a year. Thank you to our donors !


Third week update

At the end of week #3, the total received is $ 1420.00, which represents 95% of the amount needed to run a year. Thank you to our donors !

The funding drive is running for a few more weeks, we welcome all donations.


This is the list of donors, in no particular order, till the end of November 2021:

  • MonkeybreadSoftware
  • Markus
  • Torsten
  • EdwinS
  • dvaklyes
  • Planteg
  • DougGardner
  • harvest
  • Alain Simoneau - not a member but will soon be
  • mipiano

Your donations are highly valuable to The soup members, it helps us, admins, keep the forum alive and kicking. Thank you so much.

And to all members, I thank you also for asking questions and providing help to our Community.

Gilles Plante,
The soup treasurer



this is the final count down for the Christmas Funding Drive: the total received is $1,560.00, which is 104 % of the amount we need for a year ! Thanks a lot.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !