Personal plan available for 1-4 users!

This has not been announced publicly yet but we have big news for your small-sized customers!

1 - Our new personal plan makes it (finally!) possible for teams of 1-4 users to use FileMaker in the cloud for a very reasonable price. US price: $29/user/month, all included (yes! the license too!)

2 - Our Starter and Pro plans are also available for 1-4-users teams under certain conditions (that's not explained yet on the website)

If you have customers stuck with local individual licenses or with FMS 14 shared hosting, there is finally a viable solution for them!



So Claris allows you to sell smaller licenses?
That is great!

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I found the specs:

So no plugins :frowning:
And you need to upload the database using FileMaker Pro, I assume, since you can't use admin-console?

Is that an individual FMS per client or do you share servers?

Does PSoS work?

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Indeed, this is a limited plan for people who 'just want to host their database'.
No PSoS, no ODBC/ESS (server side), no server-side plugins (sorry!)… Just for very simple solutions.
Upload goes through a specific interface (a FileMaker file! :slight_smile: )

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What is the upgrade path?
Like if someone after half a year needs more?

As Starter and Pro plans are also available for 1-4 users now, we simply do the maths.
( Price for Starter/Pro hosting plan + license ) - Price already paid for your Personal plan.

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The Starter and Personal plans show an item " FileMaker Pro/FileMaker Go connections". So no FMP connection for the personal plan? only web direct?

Of course you can use Pro/Go. I didn't even think one could interpret it that way :wink:
I'll fix that now. Thanks!

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Thanks. People like to compare the columns.


Now people will LOVE to compare the columns.

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Just understand terminology: 5 DATABASES would 5 FILES? Or ! File with 5 Tables?

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The limit is that it can host a maximum of 5 fies. The name, FileMaker comes from the old days where one table was one file, like dBase for example.

For sure, the text that says 5 databases is strange in FileMAker parlance :thinking:.

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Really? OK, I'll fix that. Thank you for your comments.
That said…



Now that gives a question. Is the personal one running on its own FileMaker Server via docker?

Like if you query DatabaseNames function or use OData or Data API, would you see more databases form other people?

I've made a blog post about it:

FileMaker Hosting for 1 to 4 users