Claris community site down?

Is it just me, or is the community site operated by Claris down? I only see a white page.

Confirmed, loaded page is blank. Loads ultra-fast :upside_down_face:

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Agreed, just tried it before coming here.

Same here. Is this good news?

That depends on your definition of good news :joy:.

On the iPad it is still a great pain: the Community paint the page, sometimes it does, sometime it doesn’t :disappointed:. I just can’t stand the Check your Internet connection message anymore. . . Salesforce or Salesweakness ?

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It looks to be back again now

I was thinking about upgrades - if the site was down for upgrades, we could finally get ‘latest postings’, ‘long threads where we can find the latest postings easily’, ‘browsing without leaving the track when swiping back (ipad)’, ‘staying online’, ‘fast browsing’, many more…


Dream on…

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but the wording is nice an that counts, I’ve learned that (-:

Dream on, are you talking about the song ? A pretty good one !

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I heard it was kind of a maintenance issue.
Can anybody share some coins?