On the path to freemium

Recently, Claris started putting "call to action" buttons on its community website leading to the following page for people to be notified about the availability of the freemium version of the platform.



Today, Nov 9 2022, Claris's freemium signup web page has been down since early this morning and is still down as I post this early evening from California.

It seems to be up from my end on my iPhone, a device I never used to access the page (so it does not display from cache)

I’ve had cases in the past where the community website would only display the header of the page and nothing else. What type of error do you see? 404? Or something different altogether? Have you tried another browser?

I just tried, I am located close to @Bobino and it works. The issue may be related to your position, west of USA. If it still does not work tomorrow to create a thread on the Community.

Page accessible here in Switzerland. Can be a caching or a provider DNS issue.

Today, Nov 10 2022, Claris's freemium signup web page is only accessible to me when I recycle my in-office router. Otherwise, the page is unreachable on any device except when I use cell-access from iPhones.

After recycling the router and reaching the page, the page recognizes me by email address and asks; "Not (my email)?"

All other websites including Claris Community load normally.

Today we had here a discussion about Claris Pro Freemium.
What we don't know ware what limits and conditions are included in the package.


  • Claris may do a nag screen on startup to remind you that this is a freemium version and you can purchase a full license with server.
  • Not sure if a .claris database file can be created by one user and passed to other user. I think currently the files are linked to the company in a Claris Platform account.
  • Whether they limit it some way like the number of scripts, layouts or tables.
  • I'd assume that connecting to host is not available.
  • ODBC is probably gone.
  • What limit is on the Claris Studio part in storage, number of tables, etc.
  • I hope plugins will be allowed, even for the App Store versions.
  • I hope the world wide cloud server network is setup. Performance to US-West coast servers from Europe is slow.

We may find more, but until we see it next year, we may not know the details. Maybe I find time at EngageEU conference to ask about it.

That would be great !

Freemium sign-up page appears to be OK using FireFox on Mac although it seems to struggle a bit to reach an address at cloudfront.net. Safari never renders the page using multiple Macs and Safari v13 thru v16. Office router is ~2 years old.

I created a thread on the Community under Claris Studio, I will report back when I get an answer.

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I got an answer from Rosemary:

Thanks for sharing this concern. I've shared it with our web team for investigation.

Someone is looking at this !