Claris Engage + AutoEnter + FMTraining.TV

Today Claris Engage 2021 starts with two presentations from Claris:

And Proof+Geist went an extra step to provide us a chat room:

And after the show, join live broadcast on FMTraining.TV with a recap and more details:


There is a new Claris Executive Q&A. session added to Claris Engage Schedule!
2nd September

anyone able to reconnect after the feedback loop disconnect ??

anybody can connect?? No sound, no video. leaving. that was it )-:

It's back up.


unfortunately it won't let me in - tells me I am already connected - maybe they finally use FMS :wink:

Restart the browser and try again.


more to come:

Linux session starts soon

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In the Linux session now, but I missed the first one. Any huge announcements from that?


Following up on @FileKraft and the folks at FMBug:

Both videos from the first day of Claris Engage Beyond 2021 are now on the manufacturer's Youtube channel. Here is a community post about it with some more details about the information Claris had shared in the chat during the sessions:


Danke Christian, now I am searching for where the Community discusses 'Engage' (as announced in the kick-off)?

You mean this page?

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thanks Christian, your link is now broken - used to work earlier.

There is also a survey deadline Aug 31st 2021 where questions can be submitted for the Q&A session by Claris CEO.

Even the community link on the verdor’s commercial website produces an error. The entire thing can’t be accessed at the moment. Sure they’ll fix it.

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