Claris External Authentication Survey

The Claris Product team is turning to our Community to learn more about what matters to you. Here’s your opportunity to provide direct feedback about external authentication. Don’t wait, let us know your thoughts!

Our intent is to stay very close to our Community when it comes to our products. The Claris Product team will use the results of this survey to help inform and prioritize their work. Thanks for your contribution!

If you’d like to provide more direct feedback, you can email to set up a meeting with a member of the product team.


Hi @tylerfuhrman13, great to have your here.

thanks for posting the links for us to be involved.


Hi @Malcolm -

I'm leading a group at Claris that's responsible for gathering product feedback from our community, this is the first time I've posted here. Hoping FM Soup is a good source for feedback response.

Thanks for reaching out!

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May I ask why this is a Survey Monkey tool and not a custom form built with Claris Studio?

I'm pleased that you've posted here. We have a Claris channel and I've moved your post into it. Let's hope you get feedback. I've already responded.


Good question @Daniel. We've done other surveys in Studio already, but we received some feedback that the UX wasn't well optimized for mobile, so we've pivoted to Survey Monkey until we solve for a better mobile experience. Our intent is to move all surveys to Studio over time.



We dinosaurs sitting in front of a keyboard and screen often forget how important the mobile experience is. Thanks for the reminder, and for your (Claris') efforts in all aspects of this.

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