FMS 19.1.2 is now avaliable

Claris Community (English) (Release Notes)

Claris Community (English) - (Learn More)

I do not know who is in charge of the styling of the "learn more page", but I guess they really want us to notice the title...


Thanks @Bobino. Looks interesting and well-documented. Let's put up a test server :slight_smile:

The font size and weight moves around a lot depending on the screen size. On my desktop it is a chunky 3rem with font-weight of 700. No problems reading that. :grinning:

Also note that @WimDecorte has posted an important clarification for the documentation around authentication for this version: Claris Community (English)


There appears to be a number of reports of update problems on the community website. I think I’ll either hold off updating our development Windows server or do a complete uninstall and reinstall.